Obesity in children and secret of losing weight for kids!

How big is the problem of obesity in children and adolescents?

According to the statistics

  • Tell that obesity has increased so much in the last 30 years that Centers for Disease Control say is it doubled in this duration.
  • In 1980 about 7% of children were obese. In 2010, about 18% of children are obese. What and a third of the doll since you were found to be some 2010.
  • Lifestyle diseases such as such as type II diabetes which were once considered to fact only adults are now being seen increasing in children. 
  • Overweight or obese children have a 70% chance of becoming obese adults according to the surgeon general.
  • Be staying to not only causes increased risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, but also leads to poor self-esteem, and depression, according to the Surgeon General.

Definitions of obesity and overweight status in children

  • Being overweight is defined based on body mass index and the body fat ratios. 
  • Use a pediatric BMI calculator to find out where your child stands. The adult BMI and childhood BMI are completely different.
  • In children, the BMI is usually measured in percentile graphs. The goal is to stay between 25-75 percentile range for BMI, and definitely below 85 percentile.

What really causes obesity in our children?

According to Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD, founder of W8MD medical weight loss centers of America, the most important contributor to the weight gain in children is their insulin resistance.

Dr. Tumpati States that understanding the actions of insulin at the core of understanding how to lose weight. Although most people associate insulin with diabetes, insulin is a hormone that helps control the blood sugars. According to statistics up to 71% of the population or insulin resistant.

Since insulin is a bodybuilding hormone, more insulin in the system means more body building.

Sumo wreslter diet

In fact this is being used by Sumo wrestlers in Japan to intentionally gain weight by putting themselves to a regime of diet that makes them insulin resistant.

There are recent reports that show that even American bodybuilders have discovered the secret and use insulin in order to gain excess body weight quickly.

Unfortunately up to 71% are already insulin resistant and up to 35% of them already have pre-diabetes, also called metabolic syndrome. Even kids are having insulin resistance, prediabetes and even frank type 2 diabetes.

Failed food pyramid

Failed food pyramid from USDA(United States Department of Agriculture) in fact made the problem of insulin resistance worse by their overemphasis on low fatty foods, which in turn ended up being high glycemic, thus leading to increased insulin resistant, and expanding waist lines. Since this was initially accepted as science, although later proven to be very flawed, there is so much misunderstanding both among the regular medical profession and among the lay public as most think low fat is good forgetting the role of insulin resistance if that low fat means high glycemic.

How does this work?

The natural response of the body to insulin resistance Used to increase production of the Bodybuilding hormone called insulin. The more insulin the body has, the more building happens!

Metabolic starvation

You may be surprised to know that many of the overweight or obese children and adults are in fact in starvation internally.

How is this possible?

How is this possible for for an obese person to be in starvation?

This is so because the storage of fat is controlled by insulin. Hi am on the fence in the bloodstream make a person go into metabolic starvation.

For the body to release the stored fat back, the levels of insulin should be low. Unfortunately, those that are insulin resistant have high amounts of insulin at baseline. Since insulin also controls the release back of the stored fat, high amounts of insulin essentially make it impossible to get the stored fat back when you need it in between the meals leading to cravings, and loss of muscle tissue as that is the only other way the body can get some energy!

To a naïve person, these two cravings might appear as lack of control issue but the underlying processes actually and send assistance and have nothing to do with lack of self control.

Stop blaming the victim for obesity. 

Our misunderstanding of the actions of insulin, and the metabolic starvation due to insulin lead to the society’s misunderstanding that tends to blame the victim for obesity as it appears as if it is a lack of control issue due to cravings but insulin resistance and the resultant metabolic starvation is what drives these cravings.

Research from Yale University and other places shows that up to 90 percent of diabetes is preventable.

How can we recognize insulin resistance?

Looking at the neck for signs of insulin resistance very can see some lines or stria on the neck, or darker or thicker patches in the neck called Acanthosis Nigricans, upper body distribution of the weight, belly fat, waist to hip ratio etc. are some of the signs a trained obesity medicine doctor will look for in recognizing insulin resistance.

Wait, my blood sugars OK, so why do I need to worry about this?

Your blood sugars will be fine in the compensation phase when the body is able to over produce insulin. First, this excess insulin causes weight gain, and 2nd, this causes starvation metabolically! The blood sugars start to raise above 100 fasting only when this compensation of over production of insulin begins to fail.

The medical profession failed miserably in that they wait until this compensation fails to do any thing to correct this issue and even then, most physicians have nothing to offer other than simply say “lose weight”. This is not useful for most patients as they already are aware they are overweight or obese.

Lack of proper physician education 

W8MD Model Doctor
06/young-caring-doctor-in-white-250.jpg”> W8MD Model Doctor

[/caption]Up to 94 percent of general physicians receive minimal or no education in tackling this problem of obesity and so have nothing to offer other than simply say lose weight or hand our a diet sheet!

How can W8MD medical weight loss centers of America help my child lose weight?

W8MD Medical weight loss centers of America Help you are your time to lose weight using evidence-based non-surgical weight loss measures aimed at reversing the true causes of weight gain instead of blaming the victim or their families!

Things you can do:

If your child is overweight or obese, make an appointment with of the specially trained obesity medicine physicians of W8MD medical weight loss centers of America.


Make sure you do not blame your child or yourself for their weight gain but do let them know he or she is loved and appreciated whatever his or her weight.

An overweight or obese child most likely knows better than anyone else that he or she has a weight problem.

Overweight or obese children need support, acceptance,and encouragement from their parents instead of “blame game” which helps none.

Know that any weight loss program for children should be supervised by an obesity medicine physician and w8md medical weight loss centers of America can help!

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