Lose weight NYC

W8MD’s 3 things to do to lose weight fast and safe in NYC

Although NYC is traditionally considered to be a slimmer city compared to some of the other big cities in the United States, the big apple of New York City has its share of overweight or obese people.  According to the latest data, it is estimated that about 55% of all New Yorkers are either overweight or obese.

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NYC weight loss step 1

If you think you might be overweight or obese in NYC and would like to know what your risk related to being overweight in NYC is, you may want to start with knowing your BMI or body mass index. Although BMI has certain limitations especially for extremely muscular people, for an average New Yorker, BMI gives a rough estimate of your risk.

Normal BMI ranges

  • If your BMI in NYC is <18 or under, you do not actually need to lose weight. In fact, you may want to consider gaining weight as a BMI of <18 is considered under weight.
  • If your BMI in NYC is between 18-24.99, congratulations, you are considered in the normal range. Although the distribution might still be an issue, for most people in this BMI range, the risk of health problems related to weight is considered relatively low.
  • If your BMI is between 25-29.9, you are considered overweight and might need to shed some pounds in NYC!
  • If your BMI is between 30-34.99, you are considered in mild category of obesity! Time to start losing weight in NYC!
  • If your BMI is between 35-39.9, your weight is really getting up there and you really need start losing weight fast in NYC
  • A BMI of over 40 in NYC, is definitely considered morbid and you sure need to lose weight!

Weight loss step 2 for losing weight in NYC

Let us say you already know your risk and want to find a weight loss program, where do you start? How about all the fad diets, eat less of this, more of that type diets?

The best way to lose weight fast in NYC is to first understand what might be causing your weight gain to begin with.

According to Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD, founder of W8MD medical weight loss centers of America, most people that gain weight have an underlying reason why they are gaining weight. In up to 71% of the entire population, this reason might be insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome which not only causes a lot of weight gain especially in the center and upper part of the body, but it also makes it difficult to lose weight!

Understanding the true causes of weight gain forms the basis for losing weight fast and safe!

Weight loss step 3 for losing weight in NYC

Find a weight loss program that is right for you to lose weight. If you have health insurance and would like to lose weight, the unique W8MD medical weight loss program in NYC can be an option. Using evidence based medicine, W8MD has helped thousands lose weight fast in NYC.

W8MD’s NYC weight loss locations and contact information

W8MD’s NYC Weight Loss Center Information:

2632 E 21st Street Brooklyn, NY 11235


  • Websitehttp://w8md.com/weight-loss-centers/diet-weight-loss-doctor/w8md-medical-weight-loss-locations/w8md-new-york/
  • Specialities: Lose weight NYC, weight Loss Service, Sleep Clinic, Sleep Study Clinics, Sleep Apnea Clinics, Medical Weight Loss New York City, Weight Loss Pills, Weight Loss Supplements, Fast Weight Loss Options NYC, weight loss diet, weight loss program
  • Cities Served:Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, Staten Island, Breezy Point, Far Rockaway, New York, Bayonne, Jersey City, Rockaway Park, Howard Beach
  • Counties Served: Kings, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island
  • Parking: Street
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, Norwegian
  • Payments: Accept Most Health Insurances For Visits. Also accept American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Check, Cash for copayments or weight loss supplements.
  • There may be a cost of $50.00 biweekly for appetite suppressants or diet pills when indicated to help you lose weight fast in NYC.

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